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New Year, New Singer!

Happy New Year Enlightened, or soon to be Enlightened, Singers. For those who have read these posts religiously and have been waiting for the next with bated breath I can only apologise for my lackadaisical approach to this blog in the past couple of months. Life got in the way, I lost my mojo, found my mojo and then it was Christmas. I promise to do better in 2023. No resolutions, as such, but I do intend to give The Enlightened Singer, and all who follow her, the attention she deserves.

I have a few ideas for new blogposts and will start writing them as soon as I have finished this one! The next few posts will be about exploring new genres, coping with criticism, expanding range, adding new colours to your voice and much, much more.

So I hope you have had a lovely rest over the festive period and hope you are all feeling the urge to get singing again, I know I am! How do you plan to further your singing in 2023? Join a choir? Have some singing lessons? Join an am-dram group doing an opera or a musical? Whatever you decide, just do it. No one ever regretted singing but I reckon many people regretted NOT singing!

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